The DDV Organization

We are a very small, majority veteran owned, Non-Profit organization dedicated to partnering Australian Cattle Dogs primarily with veterans. Unlike other veteran/K-9 organizations, a veteran does not have to have PTSD, TBI, or a medical condition that requires a specialized trained service dog. We support veterans of all conditions and capabilities. We also strive to partner our rescues with other public service personnel such as LEO and retired Firefighters, at no cost.

While our primary objective is to partner ACD rescues with those mentioned above, we also partner rescues with the general public for a small rehoming fee to help support the no-cost partnerships, and veterinary and training support of the rescues that are partnered with veterans. As a 501 (c) (3) our organization pays 100% of all funds back into our rescues health and care as well as provide their veteran partners with a starter package to help them set up their home for their Australian Cattle Dog rescue. This includes two training sessions with Partner Trained Service Dogs, an independent organization that has been working with us since before the start of DDV.

We do not have paid office staff, compensated administrators, or contracted marketing personnel. We have had a lot of support through ideas, hopes, and prayers. We have a small network of regular people and veterans who volunteer their time, talent, and as often as possible donations. We are a very humble organization and we are incredibly thankful for everyone who has ever followed through to support us.

In short, we just love what we get to do.

Thank you for checking us out.



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